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Answers to frequently asked questions and other information about the BeSomeone App


US high school students ages 13-18 as well as educators

Although we hope to expand BeSomeone to many countries eventually, for right now it is US only

All features of this app are free!


At BeSomeone we believe the next generation will need next-level skills to solve global challenges, but schools are still focused on grading narrow sets of academic content and standardised tests that leave most students disengaged.

  1. - 96% of provosts think they’re preparing students for success in the workforce, but only 11% of business leaders agree.
  2. - The book Most Likely to Succeed makes the comprehensive case that the critical life skills that young adults need to compete in this 21st-century economy are not being taught in school.
  3. - Teenagers today are 5x more likely to be depressed than teenagers two generations ago, suicide is now their 2nd-leading cause of death, and approximately 1 out of 7 are taking powerful psychiatric drugs for their mental health concerns.
  4. We tell 100% of students they need to be in the top 10% to be successful and then wonder why they’re so stressed out?!

BeSomeone empowers students, teachers, and schools to develop a wider spectrum of real-world skills through engaging projects. We do this with a feed of high-quality projects (we call them ‘learning adventures’) where students can promote their favorites to be incorporated into the curriculum (by you!) while tracking their growth and building a portfolio for future employers and college applications.

We’ve seeded BeSomeone with high-quality projects from High-Tech High and PBL Works , and expect to expand it further over time. If you have suggestions, please send them to us!

BeSomeone’s talents model is based on developing Gardner’s multiple intelligences:

  1. 1. Mindful Self = Intrapersonal + bodily-kinesthetic intelligences
  2. 2. Servant Leader = Interpersonal intelligence
  3. 3. Compelling Communicator = Verbal-linguistic intelligence
  4. 4. Critical Thinker and Problem Solver = Logical-mathematical intelligence
  5. 5. Creative Maker = Visual-spatial + musical intelligences
  6. Each of these talents has 10-12 skills that can be practiced to build that intelligence. These skills were compiled from multiple sources articulating what students need to be successful in the 21st-century economy. Projects are tagged with the skills they help develop.

BeSomeone is a great way to get your students more engaged! And unlike traditional education apps, there’s no complex training or teacher/administrator login required.

  1. 1. By far the most important is to just be open to project suggestions students send to you
  2. 2. Monitor which projects are getting the most upvotes within your school and everywhere else. You can use filters to see projects appropriate to your classes.
  3. 3. Integrate the projects you find most compelling into your syllabus and students will do their own tracking of the skills practiced doing those projects!
  4. That’s it! It’s just that simple.

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